Adventure Playgrounds (1965)

14 Dec
Producer   National Playing Fields Association; Stanley Schofield Productions
Contributors   Script by Nevil Lloyd, cast: John Snagge
Length   14 min
B&W/Color   color
UO Library Catalog description:  Shows the concept of the adventure playground in England. Children are given raw materials in order to construct play areas, and use their own imagination and initiative in play
Call #  FILM Mb275
Genre  corporate-sponsored
Rare  yes
Online  yes; UO Streaming Video
Copyright status  presumably under U.K. protection
Physical condition  good
Oregon-related  no


The concept for adventure playgrounds originated in postwar Europe, after a playground designer found that children had more fun with the trash and rubble left behind by bombings -inventing their own toys and playing with them- than on the conventional equipment of swings and slides. Narrator John Snagge was a well-known voice talent in the UK, working as a newsreader for BBC Radio. According to the British Film Institute, Stanley Schofield Productions produced 177 films, including famous recordings of auto races, such as the Grand Prix in Monaco, as well as subjects as diverse as “Specialist Baking Packaging” (1971), “Vaginal Discharge” (1970), and “A Date with Decimals” (1970).

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