The Battered Child (1969)

14 Dec
Director   Bob Kaiser
Producer   Producer, William Weston; National Television and Radio Center; made by the Chicago television station “WTTW;” released by Indiana University Audio-Visual Center
Contributors   Based on the book of the same title edited by Roy E. Helfer and C. Henry Kempe
Length   58 min; 2 reels
B&W/Color   b&w
UO Library Catalog description:  A documentary study of child abuse. Shows a team of doctors and social workers at the University of Colorado Medical Center working with actual cases of child abuse in an effort to determine the causes of physical child abuse as well as to treat children affected mentally.
Call # FILM Mc129
Genre  documentary
Rare yes
Online  no
Copyright status public domain
Physical condition  reel 1-good; reel 2-fair
Oregon-related  no


Adaptation of Kempe’s book The Battered Child Syndrome; he was a physician and advocate for abused children, and his book was the first major work on the subject.

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