The Feeling of Rejection: Its Development and Growth (1947)

15 Dec
Director  Robert Anderson
Producer  Produced for the Mental Health Division of the Department of National Health and Welfare by the National Film Board of Canada
Contributors  Produced and directed by Robert Anderson ; camera, Dennis Gillson ; music, Robert Fleming ; sound, J.P. Champagne ; editing, Victor Jobin ; script by Bruce Ruddick. “Prepared with the technical advice of the medical staff of the Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry, McGill University and the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal.” Actors: Wanda Allen, J.D. Macbeth, Helen Smith, Robin Taylor.
Length  23 min
B&W/Color  b&w
UO Library Catalog description:  This is the dramatization of the case history of Margaret, a 23 year old girl who has physical disorders with no physical cause. A psychiatrist, probing Margaret’s past, shows her the root of her troubles–childhood overprotection and discouragement of her efforts to express herself, resulting in a crippling fear of failure and a complete inability to assert herself. When Margaret understands her problem, she begins to handle it, starting new and healthier habits of behavior.
Call # FILM Mb18
Genre  documentary
Rare  yes
Online  no
Copyright status  protected
Physical condition  poor
Oregon-related  no


It’s not listed in WorldCat at all. UO catalog notes, tersely, “live” – which seemed to imply that the dramatization takes place in real time; as it turns out, though, it’s done in a feature style with sparse voice-overs from the doctor. Some camp moments, but it is competently scripted and shot both beautifully and ambitiously. Robert Anderson directed a lot of Canadian educational and documentary films, including Drug Addict and The Feeling of Hostility. Bruce Ruddick worked with him a few more times. None of the actors has any additional roles.

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