Growing Up Female: As Six Become One (1971)

16 Dec
Director  Producers, directors, writers, and editors, Julia Reichert, James Klein
Contributors  Narrator, Julia Reichert; cameraman, James Medalia
Length  60 min
B&W/Color  color
UO Library Catalog description:  Describes the socialization of the American woman through a personal look into the lives of six females ranging from kindergarten age to middle age. Shows the influence of such forces as parents, teachers, guidance counselors, the media, advertising, pop music, and marriage.
Call # FILM Mc210
Genre  documentary
Rare  no
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  no


Sparse contemporary review here. Susan Sontag praised it, calling it “one of those painful experiences that’s good for you;” New Day (same link) is still distributing it, and says that more than 400 libraries have purchased it over the years.

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