Hello Up There! (1971)

16 Dec
Producer  New York Learning Research Co.
Length  8 min
B&W/Color  color
UO Library Catalog description:  This 8-minute color film is designed to encourage self-expression about emotions in students in grades 4 through 6. The film presents children’s drawings, paintings, and comments which illustrate how they feel about and relate to the adult world. Emotions of loneliness, jealousy, anger, and hurt are expressed. The children also describe what they will be like when they are finally adults. Evaluation Information: This material has been reviewed by Specialized Office 3 and judged appropriate for use with the emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, educable mentally handicapped, and trainable mentally […]
Call # FILM Ma171
Genre  instructional
Rare  yes
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  very poor
Oregon-related  no


Notes on inside of tin as to best classroom use of film. Labeled “Chabot College Library.” Begins with some sort of dancing animated creature singing “Hello up there, hello!” There seems to be a distributor still active, despite the lack of WorldCat coverage. Film is in terrible condition; can’t even run it. Rampant skipping, nightmarish gurgling sound, drenched in pink.

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