The Innocent Party (1959)

16 Dec
Director  Herk Harvey
Producer  Kansas State Board of Health in cooperation with U.S. Public Health Service. Produced by Centron Corp.
Length  17 min
B&W/Color  color
UO Library Catalog description:  This film shows how a teenager contracts venereal disease from a pickup and what happens to him and his steady girl. A simple, sincere document of the nature, recognition, cure and control of syphilis.
Call # FILM Mb109
Genre  instructional
Rare  yes
Online  yes; Internet Archive
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  no


An sex education film that takes a feature film approach to the topic. The acting is naturalistic, albeit melodramatic. There is an interesting jazz soundtrack and the cinematography is more than utilitarian. Harvey directed over 400 other instructional movies during the 1950s-60s, including Dance, Little Children (1961).

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