Leisure (1976)

17 Dec
Director   Bruce Petty
Producer   Suzanne Baker (producer), Pyramid Films, Santa Monica, CA
Contributors   Narrated by Alexander Archdale.
Length   14 min
B&W/Color   color
UO Library Catalog description:  “Commissioned by the Australian Department of Environment, Housing and Community Development. Academy Award winner, 1977.” An animated film tracing the history of leisure and the concern for a good environment in which to spend our leisure time.
Call # FILM Mb239
Genre  documentary
Rare  no
Online  yes; Google Video
Copyright status  unknown
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  no


Petty is an Australian cartoonist and satirist. The film is on at least one Australian DVD compilation. Won the Academy Award in 1977 for Best Animated Short Film.

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