Nails (1980)

19 Dec
Director   Philip Borsos
Producer   National Film Board of Canada, Mercury Pictures (distributor/producer, respectively).
Contributors   Editor, Raymond Hall; cinematography, Ron Orieux.
Length   13 min
B&W/Color  color
UO Library Catalog description:  Using the ordinary nail as a symbol of industrial growth, this production juxtaposes the blacksmith’s slow craftsman’s approach with the mass production methods of today.
Call # FILM Mb273
Genre  documentary
Rare  yes
Online  no
Copyright status  protected
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  no


From NFB site: “A blacksmith is seen laboring at his forge, shaping nails from single strands of steel rods. The scene shifts from this peaceful setting to the roar of a twentieth-century nail mill, where banks of machines draw, cut, and pound the steel rods faster than the eye can follow. The scene then shifts back to a nineteenth-century nail factory. These diametrically opposed scenes emphasize the changed relationship between the individual and his work. Film without words.” Oscar-nominated like (apparently) all NFBC films. Nothing I’ve immediately heard of, but Orieux is a very prolific cinematographer.

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