Pedigree Patterns (1972)

19 Dec
Producer   Baltimore, Milner-Fenwick
Length   17 min
B&W/Color   color
UO Library Catalog description:  Presents symbols used in construction of the human pedigree. Uses pedigrees of brachydactyly and achondroplastic dwarfism in order to illustrate dominal inheritance and pedigress of albinism, Crigler-Najjar syndrom, and Morquio syndrome in order to illustrate autosomal recessive inheritance.
Call # FILM Mb184
Genre  instructional
Rare  no
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related no


Number 4 in the series Human GeneticsThis catalogue entry seems to indicate the film was actually made at Johns Hopkins, funded by the National Foundation [?] and merely distributed by Milner-Fenwick.

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