The Nervous System (1938)

19 Dec
Producer   Erpi Picture Consultants
Contributors   Collaborator, Ralph W. Gerard
Length   15 min
B&W/Color   b&w
UO Library Catalog description:   Examines the structure and functions of the spinal cord, medulla, mid-brain, thalamus, and cerebrum. Explains, through animated drawings, how sense organs receive stimuli, and how nerves carry impulses to the central nervous system and then to the muscles which execute responses. Compares the nervous system structures and responses in various animals. For high school, college, and adult groups.
Call # FILM Ma13
Genre  instructional
Rare  no
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  good
Oregon-related  no


Ralph W. Gerard (1900-1974) was an important neuroscientist who wrote over 500 scholarly papers and nine books.

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