A Two-Year-Old Goes to Hospital (1953)

20 Dec
Director   James Robertson
Producer  New York University Film Library [distributor]
Length   45 min
B&W/Color   b&w
UO Library Catalog description: Records the behavior of a little girl through nine days of a preoperative period in a children’s ward in a typical hospital in England. Documents the emotional changes of the child reacting to the trauma of parental separation, surgical management, and the frightening foreign world of the children’s hospital
Call # FILM Mc22
Genre  documentary
Rare  no
Online  no
Copyright status  protected
Physical condition  fair (reel 1); poor (reel 2)
Oregon-related no


Based on article entitled Two-year-old Goes to Hospital, by J. Bowlby, J. Robertson, and D. Rosenbluth, published in the Psychoanalytic study of the child, vol. 7, 1952. Distributed by www.concordmedia.org.uk or www.robertsonfilms.info.

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