Vasectomy Technique (1971)

21 Dec
Director   George C. Denniston and Martha Willing
Producer   Seattle: Population Dynamics
Contributors   Manual also by George C. Denniston
Length   16 min
B&W/Color   color
UO Library Catalog description:
Call # FILM Mb227
Genre  instructional
Rare  yes
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  no


Martha Willing was co-director of Population Dynamics, an organization devoted to population control. Her opinions, quoted in at least one book, include state-mandated limits on the number of children people can have (two), and mandatory sterilization thereafter. Mothers who refused could be tattooed to mark them as having three or more children. The third child, in turn, would be sterilized on the spot, “insuring that this undue share of the gene pool will not be carried forward.” WorldCat lists Martha Willing as a contributor, and also lists a 1971 film of the same title, but published in New York, which involved collaboration from Hee Yong Lee. Lee’s name comes up vaguely on Google as a vasectomy expert; Denniston wrote a book on the subject. This library record says that the film demonstrates what it says on the tin, including “the Lee hook,” and that Willing and Denniston co-directed. It is intended for medical audiences.

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