Bowling Fundamentals (1947)

7 Feb
Director Mahnke
Producer Teaching Films Inc.
Contributors Unknown
Length 11 Minutes
B&W/Color B&W
UO Library Catalog description: No catalog description
Call # FILM Mb6
Genre Instructional, Sports
Rare Yes
Online Yes
Copyright status Protected 1947
Physical condition Good
Oregon-related No

Notes: This film focuses on the basic techniques of bowling. The instructional aspect of the movie is presented by a narrator assuming the role of an expert. He provides instruction and demonstration to a group of boys and girls. Each point of importance is covered step by step. Various animated diagrams accompany the movements exhibited by the bowlers. Lessons are given concerning stance, approach, aim, delivery, follow-through and direction.

The film itself is labeled on the side periodically with “Kodak Safety Positive”, indicating that it was a black & white positive stock that corresponds to the 1947 release date. The contrast is excellent, and borderline dark with almost no fading.

I should also note that this appears to be a pretty rare instructional film. The UO Libraries are the only ones listed as having Bowling Fundamentals available. On top of that I managed to find an eBay listing for the film indicating that it may be a collectible item. The listing has a starting bid of $245 and a Buy It Now price of $700. See the listing here.

The UO Libraries has one other instructional film available by Teaching Films Inc. titled Rhythm Is Everywhere (1946).

I could find very little about the director of the film, and was only able to discover his last name, Mahnke.

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