A Whisper From Space (1978)

14 Feb
Director  None found
Producer  NOVA (Peter Jones), BBC, Time-Life Multimedia.
Contributors  Philip Morrison (narration, science support)
Length  60 minutes
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description: Philip Morrison describes the events leading to the discovery of background radiation, the dim afterglow left over from the “Big Bang” from which the universe began
Call # Mc242
Genre  Television
Rare  No
Online  No
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  No


PBS’s NOVA science program was the American response to BBC’s Horizon. This early episode was made in partnership with BBC and though little information could be found on this episode in particular, episodes within the first few years of NOVA’s birth were produced almost exclusively with British crews. The narrator Philip Morrison was, however, an American and a well-known physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project. He also notably wrote the script and narrated Powers of Ten which the University has available on 16mm as well.

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