Behavior Disturbances After Bilateral Removal of the Frontal Areas of the Cortex in Cats (1938)

14 Feb
Director  Karl Ulrich Smith
Producer  Psychological Cinema Register of the Pennsylvania State College
Length  15 minutes
B&W/Color  Black & White
UO Library Catalog description:  This film shows behavioral experiences in cats after either removal of entire frontal cortex or removal of only the cortex anterior to motor regions. Experimental results include: abolishment of placing and hopping reactions, defects in posture and locomotion, mastication defects, compulsive pursuit behavior, general hyperactivity, and impairment in ability to acquire complex skill. Film includes close-ups of stabilimeter in use. Donated piece is B-wind
Call # FILM Ma40
Genre  Instructional
Rare  yes
Online  no
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  good
Oregon-related  no


Karl Ulrich Smith was a famous physiological psychologist born May 1, 1907.  He earned a BA in 1931 from Miami University, an MA in 1933, and then a PhD in 1935 from Brown University.  Before World War II he became famous for his studies of the neurological control systems of human and animal vision and learning of which this research film was a part of.  During World War II he was a leader in human performance studies of military personnel.  He voiced his strong beliefs in breaking the boundaries of psychological research often involving interdisciplinary research.

We have another research film by Karl Ulrich Smith in our archive at the University of Oregon titled Visual Form Discrimination in the Cat.

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