Cosmic Zoom (1968)

14 Feb
Director Eva Szasz
Producer The National Film Board of Canada & Joe and Wolf Koenig. Distributed by McGraw-Hill in the US
Contributors Animation camera: Raymond Dumas, Wayne Trickett, James Wislon.
Length 8
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: Uses the camera device of the zoom to give an idea of the immeasurable vastness of space and the ultimate minuteness of matter
Call # Film Ma190
Genre Instructional
Rare No
Online Yes
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  No


Cosmic Zoom is  a very popular instructional short. Since it’s release in Canada it has been shown in classrooms all over the world. It received awards from groups and festivals in Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain and the USA. In the US it was released in partnership with McGraw-Hill and intended for students from elementary school all the way up to college. Quite a span. You can watch the film multiple places for free online, or you can buy a DVD copy of it through the National Film Board of Canada.

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