The Erogenists (1971)

14 Feb
Director  Laird Sutton
Producer The San Francisco Multi Media Resource Center in cooperation with the National Sex and Drug Forum (U.S.)
Length  11 minutes
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:  A man gives a woman a full body massage, using body lotion until she is manually brought to orgasm. Can be used to demonstrate massage technique of the total body and particularly of the female genital area for couples’ sexual enrichment. Techniques are also useful for the preorgasmic woman. The film is useful for all couples to show touching and closeness without intercourse.
Call # FILM Ma216
Genre  Educational
Rare  Yes
Online  No
Copyright status  Protected
Physical condition  Poor
Oregon-related  No


Laird Sutton is the maker of a number of films for the National Sex Forum that promote general understanding of human sexuality.

UO’s catalog has a number of Sutton’s films also produced for the National Sex Forum, including:

The Erogenists, Margo, Free, and The Squeeze Technique.

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