Booker T. Washington (1951)

15 Feb
Director  Unknown
Producer  Emerson Film Corporation / John Emerson
Contributors  Encyclopedia Dramatica Films
Length  18 minutes
B&W/Color  B/W
UO Library Catalog description:  Portrays the hardships of Booker T. Washington‘s life, his problem in building Tuskegee Institute, and his struggle to free the Negro people from ignorance, poverty, and fear
Call # MC162
Genre Biographical
Rare  No
Online  No
Copyright status  ©1951 Emerson Film Corporation
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  No


1951. This film briefly covers the life of Booker T. Washington and the hardships he faced growing up,  as well as being an early civil rights educator.

The Emerson Film Corporation has several films with Encyclopedia Dramatica Films one of which is a biography on Lewis and Clark which, interestingly enough, was done in partnership with Dan E. Clark Ph.D. of the University of Oregon.

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