Dorothea Lange (1965)

15 Feb
Director Richard Moore, Philip Greene
Producer National Educational Television and Radio Center, Indiana University
Contributors Richard Moore, Philip Greene, Robert Katz
Length Each part is 30 minutes
B&W/Color B&W
UO Library Catalog description: Photographs by Dorothea Lange of the Great Depression, World War II, and the contemporary urban sprawl in California.
Call # Mc91
Genre Documentary
Rare Both parts are rare
Online  Part 1 , Part 2
Copyright status Both parts are protected
Physical condition  fair
Oregon-related  yes


The description from the UO Library Catalog is not altogether accurate.
The documentary is technically divided into two parts, which our library overlooks but WorldCat and the six other libraries that own these films do not.
The descriptions from WorldCat are more accurate:
“Part 1: Under the Trees – Pictures Dorothea Lange as she prepares for a one-woman exhibition of her work covering the past fifty years. Discusses her involvement in her work, her philosophy as a photographer, and the reasons and emotions which moved her to photograph particular scenes.”
“Part 2: The Closer to Me – Compares the personality of Dorothea Lange, photographer-artist, with her work. Presents many of her photographs which portray various periods such as the depression, World War II, and the growth of the urban sprawl in contemporary California.”
The description in our catalog most closely matches that of Part 2, but does not include any information on Part 1. WorldCat also gives the second part of the documentary a release year of 1966.

I found information that Philip Greene, Richard Moore and Robert Katz were involved in the making of these documentaries, but it was a little vague. I could not find much on Philip Greene, only that he and Moore paired up often in the 60’s to much documentaries for public television. Moore is a very interesting figure, a poet that was heavily involved in the arts. He made quite a few biographical documentaries. Katz became a semi-known screenwriter and a non-fiction author. These three names showed up but with no attribution to what each one of them did, but assumptions can be made based on their later careers.

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