Flashpoint (1976)

15 Feb
Director  Ernie Schmidt
Producer  John Taylor
Contributors  National Film Board of Canada
Length  12 Minutes
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:   An animated film about the collision of two oil tankers off the coast of British Columbia. The ensuing explosions cause an oil slick which catches fire, endangering a fishing boat with the Vice President of the United States aboard
Call # Mb259
Genre  Animated Environmental Film
Rare  Yes
Online  Yes
Copyright status  ©1977 Film Board of Canada
Physical condition  Poor
Oregon-related  No


Story by: Ian Slater. Executive Producer: John Taylor. Producer: Don Worobey. Interestingly enough, the US Airforce has a copy of this film in their library. The print has some emulsion damage in the form of very pink, washed out colors.

This film is an animated feature which depicts the reality of the preparedness of the US government to deal with an oil spill. It is dramaticized by having a character caught in the middle of the burning ocean be the vice president of the United States. Probably made with the intent to warn the public about the dangers and environmental costs of these types of disasters.

The director Ernie Schmidt went on to work on many television cartoons such as DuckTales and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. According to IMDB this is his second animated film as director.

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