How To Be A Good Kid (1980)

15 Feb
Director  Larry Yust
Producer Highland Park, Ill. : Perennial Education, 1980
Contributors  E.C. Brown Foundation
Length  24 Mins
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:  “Like adults, children often have moral decisions to make and, like their elders, may have trouble determining the appropriate action. This film on behaviour and personal conduct values is intended to provoke young audiences into discussing such issues amongst themselves and, perhaps, with adults. In a series of brief sketches, in which a group of children regularly switch roles, various points are raised and acted out in believable situations. In some cases the resolution requires a difficult and painful decision, but the film presents these dilemmas with sensitivity and understanding. Throughout it stresses the importance of doing the right thing, even if others don’t, and states that ultimately everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.”
Call # FILM Mc308
Genre  Documentary/Educational
Rare  Yes
Online  No
Copyright status  Copyright © Wexler Films 1980
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related  No



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