How’s it going? (1962)

15 Feb
Director  N/A
Producer  Henry Strauss Productions in cooperation with IBM
Contributors  N/A
Length  11 min.
B&W/Color  B&W
UO Library Catalog description:  “In four fimed [sic] case studies the technique of interviewing as a tool of personnel management and supervision is covered. 4 parts on 1 reel: More than paperwork; Give and take; Means to an end; The way ahead.”
Call # FILM Ma86 
Genre Corporate-Sponsored/Instructional
Rare  YES
Online  NO
Copyright status  Protected (Copyright MCMLX)
Physical condition  FAIR
Oregon-related  NO


The film seems to be an accompaniment to a lecture or other instruction, as the “4 parts” are staged “case studies”. No credits given on the film or found elsewhere. Finding any information on the production company, Henry Strauss Productions, has also been incredibly difficult—any mentioning of the company seems to be in film journals from the 1960s and 70s, that aren’t available to view for logistical or copyright reasons.

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