Rhythm Is Everywhere (1946)

15 Feb
Director  Unknown
Producer  Teaching Films Inc.
Contributors  Unknown
Length  10 Minutes
B&W/Color  BW
UO Library Catalog description:  None
Call # Ma81
Genre  Educational
Rare  Yes
Online  No
Copyright status No
Physical condition  Good
Oregon-related  No


1946. This film follows the day of a little boy named Tommy who finds rhythm in various daily occurrences such as: a train passing by, cows eating grass and a horse galloping past. The film is meant to be a piece for young individuals to pay attention to rhythm which can occur at anytime. Although it is a rather strange film.

Teaching Films Inc. was a company which released a fair amount of educational films  on various topics. (including Bowling Fundamentals) From what I can tell there is no mention of the director’s name or anyone who was involved in the filming of this aside from the company, Teaching Films Inc.

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