School in Centreville (1950)

15 Feb
Director  Bill Clifford
Producer  Southern Educational Film Production Service
Contributors  Ledford Carter (writer, editor), Roy Marcato (photographer), National Education Association of the United States Dept. of Rural Education
Length  20 Minutes
B&W/Color  B&W
UO Library Catalog description:  1 film reel, sd.
Call #  FILM Mb47
Genre  Instructional
Rare  Yes
Online  No
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Fair (warp, acid detection, emulsion scratches)
Oregon-related  No


Classroom footage with voice-over narration seemingly intended for education students. Rural setting is an avenue for examples in tying classroom studies to community concerns. Emphasizes “common problems” and “individual differences,” and that “children need lots of opportunities to think for themselves,” tying farm-community examples to a demonstrated lesson plan.

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