Fundamentals of Volleyball (1959)

23 Feb
Director  F.&P. Films
Producer  F.&P. Films, Al Fish, George B. Pearson
Contributors  S.I., All American Productions
Length  10 Minutes
B&W/Color  B&W
UO Library Catalog description:  1 reel, SD, 16mm – Describes the basic fundamentals of volleyball, including serving, receiving, setting, spiking, and blocking, showing each fundamental in regular speed and in slow motion. Includes views of outstanding teams in actual play situations.
Call #  FILM Ma121
Genre  Sports, Instructional, Educational
Rare  Yes (2 on WorldCat)
Online  No
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Great
Oregon-related  No


All American Productions, out of Riverside, California, may at one time have copywritten this and offered it on DVD.  Here is their link

Link to the George Pearson IMDB page

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