Filmed Technique Studies of Outstanding Track and Field Performers (1969)

13 Mar
Director  Film Coaching Aids
Producer  Film Coaching Aids
Contributors  Technique analysis film, no. 2 (Series)
Length  Approx. 30-60 Minutes
B&W/Color  B&W
UO Library Catalog description:  3 Reels, SI, 16mm
Call #  FILM Ma11
Genre  Sports, Documentary
Rare  Yes
Online  No
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Good (All 3 Reels have consistant black blotches that don’t effect the picture during viewing, Reel #2 has some slight warpage)
Oregon-related  Yes (Some of the Athletes are from UO)


Reel 1. The jumping events – Reel 2. The throwing events – Reel 3. The running events.

Film Coaching Aids was a Sports Instructional Documentary Film Production Company in Burbank, CA.

Running & Jumping Athletes Include: Earl McCullouch, Willie Davenport, Ron Whitney, Geoff Vanderstock, Jim Hines, Charlie Greene, John Carlos, Mel Pender, Armin Hary, Tommie Smith, Lee Evans, Peter Snell, Jim Ryun, Kip Keino, etc.

Throwing Athletes Include: Randy Matson, George Woods, Ray Maggard, Neal Steinhauer, Jay Silvester, Al Oerter, Gary Carlson, Rink Babka, Ludvik Danek, Ed Burke, Hal Connolly, Tom Gage, Gyula Zsivotsky, Romuald Klim, Mark Murro, Frank Covelli, Gary Stenlund, Larry Stuart, John Tushaus, Delmon McNabb, Janis Lusis, Terje Pedersen, etc.

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