Fiddle-De-Dee (1947)

16 Mar
Director Norman McLaren
Producer The National Film Board of Canada, International Film Bureau Ltd
Contributors Eugène Desormeaux
Length 4 minutes
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: A sparkling visual interpretation of “Listen to the Mockingbird” as played by an old-time fiddler [Eugène Desormeaux]. Painting directly on the film, Norman McLaren translated sound into sight, creating this humorous gambol
Call # Film Ma59
Genre Experimental
Rare No
Online Yes
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition  Poor
Oregon-related  No


As the catalog notes, Nomran McLaren did not use a camera to make this film. McLaren was a pioneer in experimental film and used a variety of unconventional techniques when it came to his shorts and animations. Here he draws directly on the film, creating a very interesting menagerie of imagery. McLaren won an Academy Award in 1952 for his short Neighbours , an anti-war film, in which he used pixilation (live action stop motion) and created the soundtrack by scratching at the edge of the film. McLaren’s films have won many awards, all around the world. McLaren was born in Scotland, where he made numerous films while still in school. Later he moved to the Americas where he eventually would sign on as a director for The National Film Board of Canada. It is there that through his abstract techniques that he would become a revered man in the experimental film world.

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