Heidelberg (1968)

16 Mar
Director  Unknown
Producer International Film Bureau
Contributors Gregor Heggen, The University of Bonn, The University of Chicago, Hartmut Steinecke
Length 14
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: A German language teaching film for 2nd year students. Introduces the city of Heidelberg by showing the market place, City Hall, and other section of city
Call # Film Mb170
Genre Instructional
Rare Yes
Online No
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition Good
Oregon-related No


This was German language teaching film that highlighted the city of Heidelberg. It was produced in partnership with The University of Bonn and The University of Chicago. Gregor Heggen was a German man that was teaching at the University of Chicago and Hartmut Steinecke was the Bonn liaison. The credits did not provide any information about the crew that filmed or edited this instructional guide. The shots of the city from the late 1960s are really quite interesting and provide a glimpse into Post WWII Germany, though it had been some years, evidence of recovery can still be seen. The narrator is one of the worst I have heard, incredibly indifferent and lacking in emotion as he presents students and shoppers strolling through historical landmarks of Heidelberg.

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