John Law and the Mississippi Bubble (1978)

16 Mar
Director Richard Condie
Producer Producer: Jerry Krepakevich; National Film Board of Canada production
Contributors Research and Story: Sharon Condie; Animation: Sharon Condie, Richard Condie, and Gordon Manson; Script and Narration: Stanley Jackson; Music: Patrick Godfrey; Sound and Sound editing: William Eakin; Editing: Ken Page
Length 10 minutes
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: A humorous, animated treatment of Scottish financier John Law’s ill-fated plan to develop the Mississippi River valley. Shows the fallacy of exchanging gold for paper money at a highly inflated rate and draws a parallel between Law’s problems in the eighteenth century and present economic ills.
Call # FILM Ma206
Genre Animated, Government Sponsored, Educational
Rare No
Online Yes
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related No


Richard Condie directed a number of short animated films for the National Film Board of Canada, you can watch all of his films made for NFBC on their website. Condie’s films were largely intended for high school aged students to adults.

His filmography demonstrates the  progression of animation technology from his first film for NFBC, John Law and the Mississippi Bubble (1978) to his most recent, La Salla (1996), that uses computer generated imagery to produce the quirky animated style seen throughout Condie’s work (La Salla has won man awards and earned an Oscar nomination).

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