The Feeling of Hostility (1948)

16 Mar
Director  Robert Anderson
Producer  National Film Board of Canada, US release (1951) by McGraw-Hill Book Co.
Contributors  Mental Health Division, Dept. of National Health and Welfare, Allan Memorial Institute of Psychiatry, McGill University, and Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal
Length  36 minutes
B&W/Color  Blac & White
UO Library Catalog description: A dramatized case history emphasizing the importance of hostility in molding the character and shaping the life experiences of a girl from early childhood to adulthood. For patients in group therapy; students of psychology, psychiatry, and social work; professional workers in the child guidance field
Call # Film Mc5
Genre  Instructional
Rare  No
Online  No
Copyright status  Copyrighted
Physical condition  Good/Fair
Oregon-related  No


The Feeling of Hostility was Episode #2 in a series called Mental Mechanisms.  It came with an information sheet and film discussion guide.  It won, jointly with the film Drug Addict, the award for Best Non-Theatrical (live-action) Film at the Genie Awards, April 27, 1949 in Canada.

Robert Anderson was a commonly used director at the National Film Board of Canada and in fact made thirteen films for NFBC.  At the University of Oregon 16mm film archive we not only have Robert Anderson’s The Feeling of Hostility,  but also Breakdown, Over-dependency, and The Feeling of Rejection: Its Development and Growth (all produced by National Film Board of Canada).

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