22 May
Director  Larry Yust (and writer)
Producer  E.C. Brown Foundation, Wexler Films (Los Angeles)
Contributors  Published by Northfield, III  Perennial Education,Grant from Blue Cross of Oregon

Consultants: School of Medicine, University of Oregon Health Sciences Center

Length  29 min
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:   Deals with common situations parents face in giving their children guidance and information about sex. Emphasizes that if the parent-child relationship is based on love, respect, and trust, then there is reason to hope that the children will make responsible decisions about sex.
Call # Mc306
Genre  Instructional
Rare  YES
Online  NO
Copyright status  Copyrighted
Physical condition  Great
Oregon-related  YES


“A Family Talks About Sex” is a film made by the E.C. Brown Foundation in the United States, and originally intended for parents, teachers, clinicians and other helping professionals; it has won five major educational film awards. Although the actors vary in appearance and race, the characters remain the same as “the family” grows and changes over fifteen years. The message is one of encouragement for information about sex to be an acceptable part of a family’s life in the context of the family’s larger system of values. The film also endorses and supports the rights and privileges of parents, who bear the responsibility for the family’s well-being. In showingthe film to adolescents, however, I found that the young people themselvesresponded warmly to the concerns of the parents in the film, and that they gained insight into the worries and rewards of parental life.

-John A. Bruce, Executive Director, The E.C. Brown Foundation


The E.C. Brown Foundation gave a private financial boost for family life and sex education in Oregon starting in the 1930’s.  The three-fold purpose of the then trust and now foundation were 1) the social hygiene on behalf of the youth of Oregon, 2) a reverence for the married state, and 3) the prevention of sexual abuse especially venereal disease.


There is one obvious splice mid-way through the film that cuts off a character’s speech and cuts to a kitchen scene.  Other than that the film is in excellent condition.

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