Nepal: Experiment in Education (1962)

31 May
Director  Hugh Bernard Wood
Producer  American Nepal Education Foundation
Length  40 min
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:  N/A
Call # Mc59
Genre  Documentary
Rare YES
Online YES
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  YES


The American Nepal Education Foundation was charted by the State of Oregon in 1955. In cooperation with the University of Oregon, the United State Operation Mission contracted to provide professional training over a period of six years for about fifty Nepalese scholars.

Hugh Bernard Wood (1909-1995) was a Professor Emeritus of the College of Education at the University of Oregon and founded the American Nepal Education Foundation.  He spent six years as the chief of the Education Division of U.S. Operations Mission in Nepal, and helped form its national education system from 1953-1959.

This film is extremely rare and valuable as it displays Nepal’s educational system at its very beginning.  The Nepalese government was searching in vain for it until, through a chance encounter, our lovely Elizabeth Peterson here at the UO libraries reached them, painstakingly got the film digitized, and sent it over.  Now we also have a copy of the film on our library’s website here.

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