Family Counseling (1960)

7 Jun
Director  Brooks Leffler
Producer  Corvallis, OR : KOAC-TV
Contributors Filmed as part of a summer workshop at the School of Education, Oregon State University.Coordinator- Maurice Bullard.
Length  59 min
B&W/Color  Black & White
UO Library Catalog description: Rudolf Dreikurs conducts a family counseling session in front of a television audience. A couple with some previous counseling continues work on how to deal with one of their children
Call # Md12
Genre  Television
Rare  YES
Online  Yes
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related  YES


The film starts abruptly without a title sequence, I’m not sure if it was cut off or simply that the reel we own is the raw material from the filming.  The first reel also had one very noticeable splice at the very beginning that, during initial assessment, I figured would be problematic.  It ended up running through the projector quite smoothly with no problems.

Also during the intial condition assessment (before screening through the projector) the beginning of the second reel was also found to be physically damaged.  There were gold spots all over the images during the first minute or two of the reel.  When screened they also were apparent on the film.

Other than these minor problems, the film is in pretty fair condition for a reel from 1960.  The image is clear and the sound as well.  The emulsion scratches ended up not affecting the screening quality too badly either.

Rudolf Dreikurs, the man conducting the counseling session, was an American psychiatrist and educator that worked within the realm of family and child rearing.

I found information on a Brooks Leffler, director, that invented aerial kite photography.  He is said to have worked in public television before leaving the industry in 1982.  He is the appropriate age and could very well be the same Brooks Leffler that directed this film.

2 Responses to “Family Counseling (1960)”

  1. michael topel June 9, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    how does one find a copy of this video?


  1. Family Counseling (1960) revisited | 16mm Lost & Found - May 24, 2013

    […] request from a person in Chicago [watch it here]. From the early years of public television, “Family Counseling” features a live counseling session with Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., and a set of parents and their three […]

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