Sallie, 1893-1974 (1975)

7 Jun
Director  Bill Maddron
Producer Portland, Or. : Continuing Education Film Library
Contributors Jan Marie Maddron, Sallie McGinnis and family
Length  54 min
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:   Records details of an actual non-traditional, life-centered funeral as it happened. For use in gerontology, psychology, health education and death and dying courses and by funeral directors and counselors
Call # Md65
Genre Documentary
Rare YES
Online NO
Copyright status Copyrighted
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  YES


The funeral filmed for this documentary was for Sallie McGinnis in 1974.  The film was released and copyrighted in 1975 and simply documents her funeral, which took place at the Buell Chapel in Springfield, OR (right next to Eugene, OR where our university, The University of Oregon is).

I found a couple advertisements for Buell Chapel and their life-centered funeral services in the Eugene Register-Guard from October 15, 1974 and March 4, 1975 (the same time period as when the film was made).  These adverts showcase the fact that the life-centered service is one that is not required to be conventional and that is able to flexibly fit any wants of any customer.

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