Undermining the Great Depression: backyard gold in Jacksonville, Oregon (1980)

7 Jun
Director Jim Likowski [i.e. James B. Likowski] and Bonnie Thompson
Producer Rainlight Films (Milwaukie, OR)
Contributors Music by David J. Duncan
Length 25 min
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: Five Jacksonville, Or., “oldtimers” offer an oral history of their small town’s unique life-style during the Depression, when jobless townspeople mined for gold in their backyards and beneath houses and streets
Call # Mc313
Genre  Documentary
Rare  YES
Online  NO
Copyright status  Copyrighted
Physical condition  Good
Oregon-related  YES


While researching Rainlight Films I found that they produced a film for Forest Grove Community Hospital called Shared Labor about childbirth which was also made in 1980.  There is another film on WorldCat listed as being made by Rainlight Films, Sophie’s Search For a Cure, but it was made in 2007 and in Coloma, CA which lead me to think that it is a different production company under the same name.  I ended up cross-searching the creator’s, Jim Likowski, name and the production company.  I found a company profile on a professional networking website and found that it is the same Jim Likowski from this film.  So we can assume Rainlight Films moved to California at some point during the past two decades. Rainlight Films now offers services such as Sheet Film Development, Online Film Development, Feature Film Development, Cheap Film Development and B&W Film Development.

One Response to “Undermining the Great Depression: backyard gold in Jacksonville, Oregon (1980)”

  1. Henry Linebaugh May 26, 2020 at 3:38 pm #

    Hi I am henry Linebaugh looking for this film from above think it is of art Linebaugh and Ed Coffman gold miners of Jacksonville Oregon. get back to me at rustybucketgoldmine@gmail.com ASAP

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