Limits to Growth (1973)

14 Jun
Director Bruce Bittle
Producer Portland OR. : Teknifilm

Eugene: Lane Council of Governments

Contributors Club of Rome

Narrator, Larry Chusman

Length 30 min
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:   Examines pros and cons of continued worldwide economic growth as compared to a leveling off of growth in population, capital investments, and material goods to the point of a steady economy
Call # Mc176
Genre  Government-Sponsored
Rare  YES
Online  NO
Copyright status  Public Domain
Physical condition  Poor/Fair
Oregon-related  YES


We have two copies of this film in the Univeristy of Oregon’s archives.  Our first copy is in poor condition.  The emulsion degradation has rendered the image extremely pink and red.  It has been subjected to many splices, some poorly done, and the film itself is extremely brittle.  I would not suggest screening with this copy.  Our second copy is in fair condition and also has about 20 seconds more footage at the beginning of the reel.  We can assume that the first copy was damaged and the first twenty seconds of that reel was spliced out.  I replaced the leader of the second copy as it had extensive perforation damage.  The color has only a slight orange tint and though there are dectable emulsion scratches, the image is fairly clear.  Obviously, if one were to screen Limits to Growth they should choose Copy #2.

Bruce Bittle is an Oregonian photographer with a B.A. and M.S. from the University of Oregon.  He has worked in collaboration with Lane County on numerous occations.

We have numerous films in our archive authored by Bruce Bittle:

The Springtime of Autumn

Mankind at the Turning Point

You conquered me not : a short history of the Klamath & Modoc tribes

and Confrontations of Death



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