US Expansion: Oregon Country (1956)

14 Jun
Producer  Coronet Instructional Films
Contributors  Educational Collaborator: Earl Pomeroy (Professor of History at the University of Oregon)
Length  15 min
B&W/Color  Black&White
UO Library Catalog description:   Describes pioneer life in Oregon and discusses the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the influence of fur traders and missionaries on the development of the Oregon Territory, and the conflicting claims of Russia, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States to lands in the Pacific Northwest
Call # Mb52
Genre  Instructional
Rare  YES
Online  NO
Copyright status  Copyrighted
Physical condition  Good
Oregon-related  YES


On our catalog’s website it is listed as being in color but that it was also issued in black and white. The copy we have in our archive is in Black & White.

We also have the second edition of this film, made in 1977 in our archives.  I screened this film firstly for content as to be able to compare the two and see what alterations were made in the later production.

The film begins in the early 1840’s on the Oregon Trail with pioneers traveling from Missouri to the “Oregon country” and its majestic and plush natural resources.  The film then transitions to the early 19th century when Oregon country was disputed land (does not include history of Native Americans) and continues into the Lewis and Clark Expedition commissioned by Jefferson. Details trading history, specifically fur trade, in the Oregon country.

Switches back to the Oregon Trail, the arduous jouney, and how the trail passed through “Indian Country”… the film demonstrates, via narrator and reenactments that for the most part they met in peace and friendliness and that some served as guides further into the west.

Details how in1846 Oregon Territory, under United States jurisdiction was declared and ends with pioneers building the community and helping in expansion of the United states from the Rockies to the Pacific.

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