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Nepal: Experiment in Education revisited

14 Mar

Thanks in part to a visiting researcher, I recently discovered a forgotten box of outtakes, extras, and B-roll from Nepal: Experiment in Education, a documentary about a program to establish a system of higher education in Nepal in the 1950s. The project was led by Hugh B. Wood, a professor of education at the University of Oregon. Lots to discover here, but first I had to prep the reels for the Moviscop. Outtakes and extras means lots of bad splices with 60-year-old masking tape, some reels had over 40 splices on a 200-ft roll.

2013-03-14 11.13.43
2013-03-14 11.14.01

2013-03-14 11.19.48 2013-03-14 11.20.01

2013-03-14 12.17.22

The Neumade splicer is a workhorse.

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