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The Jolly Corner (1977)

15 Mar
Director Arthur Barron
Producer Robert Geller
Contributors Contributed by Perspective Films
Length  43 minutes
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:  Looks at a large mental hospital and shows parts of patient-therapist sessions
Call #  Md119
Genre  Feature
Rare No
Online No
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition Good/fair
Oregon-related  No


This movie was adapted from the 1908 book, The Jolly Corner by Henry James. 

The Crazy Ray (1927)

15 Mar
Director René Clair
Producer Henri Diamant-Berger
Contributors Film Arts Guild, Eastin-Phelan Corp., released by Blackhawk Films
Length 35 minutes
B&W/Color  B&W
UO Library Catalog description: none
Call # Mb154
Genre feature
Rare  No (available online and on DVD)
Online  Yes
Copyright status Public Domain
Physical condition Poor
Oregon-related  No


The Crazy Ray (1925), also titled “At 3:25” and “Paris qui dort”, is a short film about an Eiffel Tower nightwatchman who finds that all of Paris is frozen in time. He meets up with a group of Parisians who evaded this strange phenomenon, and the they celebrate their newfound freedom by eating at a restaurant, taking money, wearing fancy clothes, and living in the Eiffel Tower.

René Clair is one of the most celebrated French filmmakers of the silent era. His most notable films include And Then There Were None and Le Silence est d’or, which both won Best Picture at the Locarno International Film Festival. His film A nous la liberté (1936) created some controversy when Charlie Chaplin released his film Modern Times (1936). Modern Times contained some similarities to Clair’s film, including the conveyor belt scenes. Clair showed great admiration for Chaplin, and said that if Chaplin did get any inspiration from his film, that it would be an honor. Clair, not wanting to participate in any legal recourse, settled out of court.

Peege (1972)

15 Mar
Director  Randal Kleiser
Producer  Leonard S. Berman & David Knapp
Contributors  Kleiser-Knapp Productions
Length  28 minutes
B&W/Color  color
UO Library Catalog description: A dramatization which shows how a young man who comes home for the Christmas holidays is able to break through communication barriers and reach his grandmother who has become isolated by age and failing mental and physical capacities.
Call # Mc217
Genre feature
Rare No
Online No (a two minute clip is online)
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related No


Peege is short film written and directed by Randal Kleiser. Kleiser graduated from the University of Souther California in 1968, and Peege became his Master’s thesis film, winning awards such as a Chris Award at the Columbus Film Festival, the top honor at the National Council on Family Relations Film Competition, a Maxi Award, and a TEAM Film Award for Best Film in Family Counseling.

Kleiser went on to direct Grease (1978) and The Blue Lagoon (1980) starring Brooke Shields.

In 2007, Peege was added to the National Film Registry by the LIbrarian of Congress.

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