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Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947)

15 Mar
Director Unknown
Producer McGraw-Hill Book Co.,
Contributors Raleigh Schorling
Length 14 minutes
B&W/Color B&W
UO Library Catalog description: By contrasting methods of handling the same class, explores techniques for securing class discipline and stimulating the interest of students. Presents basic principles of method which help towards productivity and mutually satisfactory class control.
Call # Mb10
Genre  instructional
Rare  No
Online  Yes
Copyright status Public Domain
Physical condition  Fair
Oregon-related  No


Raleigh Schorling was the Professor of Education at the University of Michigan from 1923 – 1950, and was also the Head of the Department of Mathematics in the University High School.

Here’s a link to his faculty page at the UofM.

The Sensory World (1971)

15 Mar
Director Unknown
Producer Tom Lazarus
Contributors CRM ProductionsMcGraw-Hill Films

Editor: James D. Young

Length 33 minutes
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: An animated film, which shows a voyage through the human body to demonstrate the operation of the senses. Includes experiments showing sensory phenomena and confusion.
Call # Mc200
Genre animation, instructional
Rare No (available on VHS)
Online No
Copyright status Public Domain
Physical condition Fair; several splices, pink tinge
Oregon-related No


Tom Lazarus began his filmmaking career as a writer, director, and producer of educational and business films. His awards from that time include over two dozen international film festival awards and honors including Best Educational Film of the Year at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Lazarus then wrote for TV. He was a staff writer/producer for such shows as “Jake and the Fatman”, “Stingray”, and “War of the Worlds”.

Abnormal Behavior: A Mental Hospital (1971)

14 Feb
Director  Neil Reichline, Tom Lazarus
Producer  Tom Lazarus
Contributors  Photographer Neil Reichline; Editor Cliff Fenneman; Author/Publisher CRM Productions; Released by McGraw-Hill Films
Length  26 minutes
B&W/Color  Color
UO Library Catalog description:  Looks at a large mental hospital and shows parts of patient-therapist sessions
Call #  Mc315
Genre  Documentary
Rare  No
Online  No
Copyright status  Unprotected
Physical condition  Good
Oregon-related  No


Tom Lazarus teaches for UCLA Extension, UCSB, and CSU Northridge, and is most well known for his movie Stigmata and award-winning educational films which he once received Best Educational Film of the Year for. He has worked in advertising, won a grammy for album cover design, and his book, Secrets of Film Writing was published in 2001. He has two dogs Ruby and Morgan, and a wife, Stevie.

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