Manhatta (1921)

17 Dec
Director   Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler
Contributors   Distributed in this version (1997) by Glenn Photo Supply
Length   9 min
B&W/Color   b&w
UO Library Catalog description:  An avant-garde short film about New York seen in terms of its geometric architecture and the movement patterns of ships and people. Based on a poem by Walt Whitman
Call # FILM Ma221
Genre  experimental
Rare  no
Online  yes; YouTube.
Copyright status  public domain
Physical condition  good
Oregon-related  no


Wikipedia. Strand was a photographer, Sheeler a painter. “The primary objective of the film is to explore the relationship between photography and film; camera movement is kept to a minimum, as is incidental motion within each shot. Each frame provides a view of the city that has been carefully arranged into abstract compositions.”

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