Zlateh The Goat (1973)

20 Mar
Director  Gene Deitch
Producer  Weston Woods Inc.
Contributors  Consultation – Maurice Sendak, Original Story – Isaac Bashevis Singer
Length  20 minutes
B&W/Color  Black and White
UO Library Catalog description:  A heartwarming story about a little boy and his heroic family goat who must survive stranded in a harsh blizzard
Call #  FILM MB192
Genre  Feature
Rare  No
Online  Yes
Copyright status  Protected
Physical condition  Poor
Oregon-related  No


Zlateh The Goat is an adaptation of a children’s story from Israel, written in 1966 by Isaac Bashevis Singer. In order to survive in a time with little work, a man sends his son Aaron to the butcher with the family goat, Zlateh. On their way to town, a terrible blizzard sets in, and they are forced to take shelter in a haystack, where Zlateh keeps Aaron alive for three days with her warmth and milk. When Aaron returns to his family alive, they are overjoyed, and decide to keep Zlateh after all.

The characters of the film remain silent, while light music and the amiable voice of a narrator keep us informed of the story.

The film is directed by Gene Deitch, known for his animated work on Tom & Jerry and Popeye.

Maurice Sendak, renowned creator of Where The Wild Things Are, and original illustrator of the print edition of Zlateh The Goat, is credited as a creative consultant.

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