Listen Well, Learn Well (1951)

15 Mar
Director Unknown
Producer Coronet Instructional Films
Contributors Viola Theman
Length 11 minutes
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: Elementary school childern learn how to be active and intelligent listeners.
Call # Ma135
Genre instructional
Rare Yes (two other university libraries have it)
Online No
Copyright status Public Domain
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related No


Coronet Instructional Films was born out of Coronet Magazine, a publication that was owned by Esquire, Inc. Coronet’s films were bought by schools and libraries, and were shown in US schools starting around 1941. They enjoyed much success with over 1 million films sold.

Most of Coronet’s films were shot using Kodachrome, the first mass marketed color-film. It uses a method called “subtractive color”.

Little is known about Viola Theman, though she did publish a book called “A Good School Day”, which is a book on education.

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