Introduction to Student Teaching (1950)

16 Mar
Director R. J. Faust (writer, director, and editor)
Producer Audio-Visual Center, Indiana University
Contributors educational author, Howard T. Batchelder; narrators, R. J. Faust, Bruce Chamberlain, Colleen Allen, Dolores Cawley; cameraman, Robert Gobrecht
Length 20 min
B&W/Color B&W
UO Library Catalog description:  “Shows some of the many activities in which student teachers engage during the first weeks of their student teaching experience. Emphasizes getting acquainted with the school, handling routine classroom matters, using a wide variety of instructional materials, and knowing the pupil’s interests, abilities, and needs.”
Call # FILM Mb24
Genre Instructional
Rare YES
Online NO
Copyright status PROTECTED
Physical condition FAIR
Oregon-related NO


Learn more about the life of the educational author—who no doubt greatly influenced the film—Howard Batchelder, here.

Student teachers relate their experience to new student teachers; the instructors want to help students establish working goals in the task of student teaching. The film assumes that all student teachers want to continue in the profession of teaching. The film provides advice to new teachers, and demonstrates how a student teacher might go about their job through a theatric presentation. The perspective of the film is autobiographical from the perspective of male and female student teachers, and paints a picturesque, idillic portrait of other student teachers, “pupils,” and administrative staff. The environment is set in iconically middle to upper-middle class schools. Student teachers are wearing suits, and all pupils are well-dressed, etc.

“Shows the activities of Bill, Nancy and Carol during the early weeks of their student-teaching experiences. We see how they get acquainted with the school personnel and policies, become accustomed to handling routine classroom matters, become familiar with a wide variety of instructional materials, and learn as much as they can about the pupils. Designed primarily for student teachers on the secondary level.” Source: The Educational Film Guide

Not much is discoverable about writer, director, and editor R. J. Faust; it is known that he also produced Plan to Live (1952), a film about chemical laboratory safety, for the Audio-Visual Center of Indiana University.

View films like Introduction to Student Teaching (1950) on Indiana University’s website.

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