Progressive relaxation training: a clinical demonstration by Dr. Donald T. Shannon (1979)

16 Mar
Director Norman Baxley
Producer Norman Baxley, The Research Press Company
Contributors Editor: Bob Gardner, Narrator: James Hurst.
Length 20
B&W/Color Color
UO Library Catalog description: This film portrays the nuances of progressive relaxation procedures and provides and discussion of the sixteen muscle groups involved
Call # Film Mb248
Genre Instructional
Rare No
Online No
Copyright status Protected
Physical condition Fair
Oregon-related No


Progressive Muscle Relaxation started in the 1920s under Edmund Jacobson. His idea was the stress came from tension in the muscles and knowing how to release that tension would result in less stress and anxiety. This film is an incredibly tedious instructional guide for doctors on how to guide a client through muscle relaxation in 16 different parts of the body.
Norman Baxely was an interesting filmmaker that specialized in instructional films like this. The UO catalog has another of his films, Responsible assertion : a model for personal growth . Also from The Research Press Company, it is likely that he had a contract to direct for them.
The authors of the book on which this film was based (Bernstein and Borkovec) are still working as psychologists and professors in the Chicago area.

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